Charting Equities

Charting Equities 3.6

Let your Mac track the equity market for you


  • Tracks equities from several different markets
  • Allows target values to be defined
  • Lots of customization options


  • Interface looks and feels a bit cheap
  • Customization options take some understanding


In these times of economic crisis, using your Mac to help boost your finances is possible one of the most productive uses you can put it to.

Charting Equities is designed to complement information available from brokerage houses and enable you to track their portfolios more closely and analytically. With it, you can retrieve individual equities or all of your portfolio in just a few clicks. The information retrieved includes that particular day's trading, price per share, price change and the volume of shares traded, its 52 Week High and Low, and its Annual Dividend & Yield.

The general interface if Charting Equities feels a bit cheap but don't let this make you think that it's not good at what it does. It's packed with tracking features depending on which country you want to track and lets you customize just about every aspect of your Equity management. Most importantly, you can select a target value for your equities so that anything that reaches that can be retrieved or you can be alerted. You can even download the latest data and then let Charting Equities do it's analysis offline.

There are many other features to Charting Equities that make an excellent tool for anyone wanting to use their Mac to track their equity portfolio.

Charting Equities


Charting Equities 3.6

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